Passion is not hard to come by in business. Business leaders are often very passionate about their work, but how often are they passionate about Jesus? However, Matt Holguin (‘02 MBA ‘05) may be the exception. His passion was evident in two important aspects: business and Jesus. Since he was younger, he had always felt called to be a pastor. When he got to college, he discovered a love for business and was instantly torn between a passion and calling. “You could do both,” a mentor told him, and that is exactly what he did.

Matt Holguin delivered an inspiring message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs Tuesday night, at the opening night of Zuventurez PITCH. “It’s not that you’re waiting for God to show up where you’re at, but God is waiting for you to show up where he planted you,” he said as everyone nodded their head in agreement. The focus of his message was not as much to be an entrepreneur, as much as it was to be a Christ-following one. Throughout the chaos of forming teams and building your idea, remembering to put God first can so easily get lost. We can so easily forget who we serve first and foremost. Matt asked the room one simple question: “Do I even need God in what I’m doing?” Perhaps God is the missing variable in the startup equation? In any regard, it would seem that Matt’s cocktail of mixing his kingdom mission within his business practice has allowed him the means to spread the Gospel, utilizing both his passion and his calling.

Along with Matt Holguin, we also heard from past Zuventurez winners, participants and advisors who gave us heartfelt advice for people considering entering the PITCH competition. They emphasized the importance of a team, and for each of us to understand that we cannot do everything on our own. The competition is not just about winning $15,000, but about figuring out how to get there. Zuventurez PITCH winner and Zuventurez INCUBATE participant, Jason Russ, stated, “you’ll hit certain subjects where you’ll be like, ‘how am I going to do this?’ But once again we’re in a room full of people who could help.” Remember this is not something we want you to do alone.

We, as the Zuventurez team, want to support you throughout the Zuventurez PITCH experience. We want you to build relationships together, and most importantly continue to build your relationship with God. We hope you were inspired by the testimonies you heard Tuesday night, and encourage you to invite your friends to get inspired, and ask the question, “do I really need God?”

To watch Matt Holguin’s inspirational speech, click the link below to access our YouTube page, where you can keep updated with all our weekly workshops: