Leanne is our marketing intern at Zuventurez. She is the face behind the Instagram posts (along with all the other social media accounts). You can usually find Leanne sending an email or trying to find our speaker’s graduation year. Leanne is a junior marketing major here at APU, and her dream job is to be able to market for music producers. This One Direction fan girl and former APU cheerleader is often spotted sporting a denim jacket or a denim skirt. We love Leanne as much as she loves her concerts and cold brew.



Caleb is our design intern, and you can usually find him designing everything but things we actually need for Zuventurez. Calebs mustache is as unique as his designs, which are available for purchase in the link below. Calebs dream job would be to teach graphic design. Prior to this, he would want to work as a freelancer and work anywhere, he doesn’t really care. His words not mine. If you want to see some of Caleb’s work, check out our Zuventurez website. He is the mastermind behind the whole design. He also designs more unique Caleb-like designs, which features eyeballs, tongues, and everything in between.


Amanda is our rookie events intern and rave representative. She is a sophomore marketing major at APU, but if you can’t find her she is probably dressed undercover as the cheshire cat. Amanda’s normal attire consists of yoga pants and t-shirts, which she could be seen wearing when she is not in the office or when our bosses are not in the office. Amanda has no idea what her dream job would be (classic for a sophomore in college), but she does want to impact people’s lives by her faith and her knowledge in marketing.



Jesse is the guy behind the camera. He is the maker and designer of all the videos we have the opportunity to watch. Born and raised in Ventura, California, Jesse would describe himself as a “big beach guy,” which shows in his outfit choice of sandals, t-shirts and the occasional swim trunks he wears to work (prior to our dress code, of course). His look became known as the “Jesse casual look,” and may or may not be the reason a dress code was implemented in the first place. Jesse is graduating in December and plans to find a job post graduation (big surprise).


Last but not least is me, Tiffani. I am the communications intern here at Zuventurez. The only business knowledge that I possessed prior to this job is my photography business (@photographybytiffani if anyone is interested). I live in a very small town in Washington, where I spend the majority of my time freezing and complaining about being cold. My dream job would be to become a nurse in the emergency room, but until then you can find me laying on the couch with dog watching Lifetime movies. I am a senior Psychology major, and like most seniors, I can proudly say I have no idea what I’m doing.


Well there it is: your 2017 Zuventurez intern team and my last Zuventurez blog. Unfortunately, with graduation around the corner, only Leanne will be returning for the PITCH competition in the spring. All the rest of us are excited to keep up with Zuventurez via social media, and loved the opportunity to work with such an amazing team!


Now go check out Caleb's website and buy some cool stuff: