We’re all continually surrounded by things that started as just an idea. As I write this blog, my roommate is in the living room ironing her clothes. The iron, which at one point began as an idea, was developed by Henry Seeley in the late 1800’s. John Logie Baird’s idea started with a tea chest, a pair of scissors, and glue, and now more than 100 million people in US own this innovated product, known as the television. We have a garbage can that you step on to open the lid and a rack to hold up our paper towels, all because one person had an idea.

My point to all this is simple. Nobody woke up with an idea and the next day found their product on a shelf at every retail store in the US. It took time, preparation and guidance. Fortunately, Azusa Pacific University offers all of this with Zuventurez. Jason Russ, 2nd place winner of Zuventurez PITCH in 2017, thought highly of his mentors and advisors and stated that Zuventurez pushed him to “understand vision and how to take a vision and apply it to a company.” The advisors are not here to change your idea, but rather help your idea come alive. They see you believing in your idea, and they want to believe in it as well.  

Zuventurez is open to all: undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, staff and alumni who wish to learn about launching an idea. We have set up specially designed workshops that will teach you more about starting a business and launching your idea.        

Azusa Pacific University is filled with future nurses, psychologists and teachers. Among the diverse multitude of people at APU lie many christ-following entrepreneurs with a common goal: to launch their invention to the world. Our school has allowed this to be possible with Zuventurez. We believe God gives everyone a purpose in this world, and we want to give meaning to those purposes. In fact, we want to give meaning along with $15,000. The greatest part about Zuventurez is the ability to develop an idea completely from conception and allow it to grow into a complete pitch with the help from mentors, coaches, and workshops. President Wallace encourages us to become difference makers, how will you make a difference?

Proverbs 11:14 “where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”