Hello Pitch contestants! I cannot believe the next time we meet, you will be one workshop away from pitching your idea on the live stage. Thankfully, this is the first time Zuventurez PITCH has extended over two semesters. This means you have all Christmas break to capitalize on your startup, work with your coaches, and build your pitch deck to the strongest point in it’s development.



By now, all of you should have been connected to your coach. We have handpicked your coaches to meet your needs, so utilize them! They are there to give their objective advice and lend their personal experience they have in the business or creative region. Not only do you have your coaches, but you also have your teammates. Bruce Lathrop stated, “Technology and ideas may be great, but you need to have a good jockey and a great team.” Utilize the talents of the people on your team, whether that is someone that is good at speaking, marketing, design, or finance. Everyone’s talents can and should be utilized to the fullest of their potential



Take the time you are given over Christmas break to make your pitch deck stronger. During this PITCH competition, you are not expected to know all the answers, but you are expected to know you need them. Janice Orlando stated, “When you’re making the presentation for money, you don’t need to have all the answers, but you need to have a strategy.” How are you going to impress the judges?



The advice I will leave you with is this: pitch to everyone. Pitch to your friends, family, coaches and teammates. Make sure your pitch deck is something the judges can understand. The quality of your pitch must attract the investors because as stated before, they are not just investing in your product they are investing in you. For anyone looking for more inspiration, check out the podcast called THE PITCH!