When I got hired for this job in the beginning of the semester, I had no idea what to expect. The business building was an altogether intimidating place for a psychology major like myself, but by my second day, I was right at home in the midst of the chaos and amazing people that is Zuventurez.

The Office of Innovation is a perfect mix of entrepreneurial-minded and light-hearted individuals. We drink coffee, we write blogs, edit videos, drink coffee, market on our social media accounts, drink coffee, plan events, and drink more coffee. While each of us are hired to fulfill our individual tasks, we are all working towards fulfilling the big task at hand. Our most recent task has been Zuventurez PITCH, which has attracted much attention from the APU community. The energy in the office allows for a comfortable and an easy-to-work environment to get tasks done and drink lots and lots of coffee.

College is a difficult time to have a job with over fifteen working hours a week, but Zuventurez makes it easy. Not only is the staff very flexible with school schedules, but also prioritizes school first. We, as a team, work hard to make sure everyone is given the appropriate amount of time they need to go to class, do homework, or study for exams. The flexibility and helpfulness allows for the least stressful environment as possible.  

The office is filled with many unique people with different skills and gifts each member brings to Zuventurez. Unlike many jobs, this job does not only accept individuality, but it welcomes it. We are able to successfully run a startup program because of the freedom we are given to think and act upon. We are valued as people and as team members. Without major limitations, there is a huge opportunity to grow within this job and the business network. Throughout being a part of this team, I went from knowing very little about entrepreneurships to knowing more than I ever imagined.

Joining the Zuventurez team is such an amazing experience. You will learn how to start your own business and how to network, grow within your own individual abilities, and build amazing relationships within the workplace along with the business professionals outside of it. Zuventurez has been an incredible experience for me, and even opened doors I never thought were there, and I hope it could do the same for you. If you want to become part of an incredible team and want to boost your coffee intake, apply to Zuventurez for a once in a lifetime experience.