New Year’s Resolutions are floating around everyone’s conversations and Social feeds. New year:  new you. But what’s in store for the commercial stratosphere where innovation and consumerism thrive?  

An Apple (commercial) A Day

If you’re an avid football fan like me, you probably can’t even count how many times you’ve seen an iphone X commercial pop up on the screen. Their latest product release has created a lot of buzz about what it means for future products. This sparks a conversation about how soon businesses will need to integrate AI into their processes to keep up with the social trends of consumers. Back to the Future predicted flying skateboards (hoverboard got… err.. close), but they didn’t quite see the talking poop emojis coming.

Consumer experiences are on the rise with Snap Spectacles and VR integrating itself into our daily digital lives. Apple is hopping on this trend and saying goodbye to buttons and hello to sleek, sophisticated (and easily breakable) glass to show the world their animated emoji faces.

With AI being introduced to consumers on this small but every-day level, we can expect that they’ll love it and want more of it.


Alexa and Siri Have Beef

The Apple product family is expanding and it looks like Amazon’s Alexa is going to get some serious competition this year. Apple planned to release their smart home speaker HomePod before the end of the year but backed out to take more time fine tuning. Now, they are set to release their speaker with “the biggest brain ever…” early this year. More to come on how Alexa feels about this. No doubt, we’ll see more competing products this year as AI takes its hold on more of our technological experiences.


Hello? It’s Me, Your Friendly Chatbot

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, time is money.  Everything you put your focus on takes away from something else you could be doing. This makes task management crucial to the success of an enterprise. AI brings new challenges and opportunities for businesses to up their game in this area by responding to the customers’ needs while catering to their valuable time. Chatbots are one of many ways that companies are embracing new technology. Freeing up supervisors and teams to tend to more human-intelligence tasks puts them at the forefront of innovation rather than answering all those emails and questions that could be politely handled by a Chatbot who is never annoyed with the same questions.   

We already know what you’re thinking… but don’t panic! AI will not and can not replace you or your team, Star Wars is still just within the cinemas, and fans’ hearts and minds alike. Combining the digital genius of AI with that of human intelligence and relationship equals a more efficient, ambitious and well-rounded team. You can give consumers the customer service they need and the cutting edge products they love all at the same time.

New year, new trends. This is the year for strategic digital management.  

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