#AskZach: The “Final Cut King"

The King of Social Media Magic has taken Instagram, YouTube and Vine (RIP) by storm over the last few years with his combined following of 23 million.

His “digital slight-of-hand” has captivated millions of viewers all over the world.

He is a social media success story that all Instagram “models” can only dream of achieving.

So, how did he do it? Was it those conspicuous follower accounts that promise “thousands of followers overnight”? Did he “promote the crap” out of his content? Or is he really that cool?

What makes his videos so appealing?

Yes, he’s an editing genius and has a great smile that captivated the hearts of all fun-loving millennials. But behind the scenes, there’s a method to his magic and insight into why what he does is so captivating.

Attention spans are getting shorter, and digital media channels are getting more and more saturated with content.  You’ve probably heard the shocking study which showed that most Americans have an attention span of about 8 seconds…

And there’s something fishy about that…

8 seconds. It’s the same attention span as your friendly goldfish (not the crackers, those go even faster). 

Zach’s short, funny and engaging videos grab our attention and keep us wanting more every time. We’re mesmerized by those precious 6 seconds that it takes to watch a whole video.

Everyone wishes they could get ready quicker in the mornings, print out a furry friend at a click of a button and have food appear anytime.  His quirky, fun videos bring a sense of magical realism that we all desire to have in everyday life.  

You Can Meet Him!

He’s the only Biola Student that we will “admit” to liking and have personally invited to campus.

So... take advantage of this opportunity to show him some APU love, hear about his success, how you can learn from it and inspire you to achieve your dreams!

On Tuesday, 2/27 @7PM, Zach will be here at APU to talk about his experience as an entrepreneur and a YouTube/Instagram/Vine celebrity.  Zach will have an exclusive Q and A for Zuventurez Fellows and PITCH teams. Register to attend this exciting event HERE!