Murphy’s Law says “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”... thanks a lot Murphy. I like your brother Eddie Murphy better.  

When you’re an entrepreneur, you learn pretty quickly and come to terms with the fact that not all your cards are going to play the way you’d like.  There are a lot of growing pains that happen with your team, business and process.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to stack your deck, and we’re not talking about the cards life deals you.  Let’s talk about one of the four cornerstones of Zuventurez…


Putting together your deck is a way for you to break down the essence of your venture and passions in order to communicate a simple, concise and impactful presentation.  When you love what you do, it can seem almost impossible to fit the journey you’ve been on with your enterprise into 5 minutes or less. That’s why we created an infographic to help guide you.



Guy Kawasaki, a marketing specialist and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and pitch guru, gave his insight on what makes a great pitch.  We added our Zuventurez spin to it.  All you need is 12 slides and a dream. We’re one day away from seeing our TOP 6 teams PITCH for the $15,000 prize! They have definitely aced their deck and are ready to give it everything they’ve got.  This is the best season we’ve had yet with the most developed and sophisticated teams that are positively impacting the world from LA to Africa.



Your ideas are what brings your presentation to life.  You’re the wild card that brings the unexpected, innovative and world-changing ideas to the table. We’re just here to help you along the way.  

Want to know more about Zuventurez and what PITCHING looks like?  

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