Changing Lives, Impacting Communities:

The Heartbeat of Khomba Africa

Khomba Africa placed 2nd in our Zuventurez PITCH 2018 season, and they’re taking their app to every corner of South Africa to positively impact communities and small businesses.

Murendeni Nefale, M.Div. ‘16, is known to our Zuventurez community as Mo. We’re so excited to see his company continue to thrive and grow within the African community.

Khomba is an app and desktop application that acts as a Yelp for individuals outside of metropolitan areas.  It is an online business directory that connects individuals with skills or small businesses to help out those that are looking for their professional services.

God moves and calls us internationally and Zuventurez fellow, Mo, answered that call through founding Khomba Africa.  Mo shows us that no matter what your background or skills are, your ideas are worth pursuing and the right team and coaching can help get you there. 

The Beginning

Mo’s original idea was to create a recruitment type of app to help unemployed youth in South Africa find jobs. This motivated him to explore the employment landscape and the way small businesses function in non-metropolitan and rural areas (referred to as “townships” in South Africa).

Mo: “As a Christian in the church, I was trying to figure out how I can practically help young people look for jobs. Helping small businesses thrive opens opportunities for them to bring others on to work with them.”

Every entrepreneur knows the value of bringing on and building a strong team. Mo has a background in pastoring so he knew he needed to find others with expertise in many areas in order to make his vision come to life.

Mo: “I prayed  a lot about finding my team.  God took the lead and I found 2 team members from my past church who are such a great fit and give me direction and advice. Within a matter of 3 months I had my team.  That’s when things really started moving from my original idea to Khomba….

“I wanted a team where their primary objective was to make a positive difference in the life of South Africans. We pray before every single meeting. Every single meeting, we open and close with prayer.”

Mo consistently expresses the importance of placing God at the center of their business and always remembering that the community and the people are the reason they are on this endeavor. When those things remain at the center, they can follow in the same light of their common vision for what Khomba can achieve.

The Dream Team

If you went to PITCH the FINALS, you only saw Mo on stage, but behind our favorite South African participant is the Khomba dream team.

Mo: “My team was so excited when they heard we won.  They weren’t able to get as involved as they’d like because they had to keep things running in South Africa, but I updated them throughout the whole process. a strong sense of teamwork between us, I would never have gotten as far in the competition without them. We are stronger together and they are all brilliant in their respective fields.  We are so grateful to have gotten an International confirmation that our idea is working. It was a big win and we are so humbled.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.00.27 PM.jpg

Murendeni “Mo” Nefale: Managing Director @mo_nafele

Ndumiso Hadebe: Director of Finance 

Jose Andre: Director of Communications & Marketing  

Olivier Tshimbidi: Director IT & Operations


Mo:  “We’ve gotten incredible feedback from the judges, participants and coaches.  Being able to have industry exports and significant feedback on your business is amazing, all the feedback we got was considered by the team. The whole experience wasn’t just a fun and educational competition, it has real world impact. It was perfect because the team back home is in the process of pitching for a potential investor so it was an opening experience for all of us. We’re now able to use what we learned through PITCH and continue to develop those skills as we continue to scale.  It shows the value of the competition”.

We’re so excited to see where Mo and Khomba take their company as they positively impact their community and Africa.  Khomba embodies what we love about PITCH in that they start at the heart in order for their business to grow. They keep their social impact at the forefront of their movement.  

Words of Wisdom

Mo: “Have a teachable spirit. Be willing and humble to say that there’s a lot you don’t know. There is always something you can learn from anybody. The other teams in the competition were great resources for me as well. It’s so important to bring in people you can trust that can make the business the best it can be. I wouldn’t be where I am without my partners. I prayed for the right team and the right investors. If you trust God to lead and guide you, then trust Him enough to help you find the right team."

"You are only as strong as the people and vision behind the organization.”

Making Moves

Mo: “We have a lot to do and big plans. The $3,000 covers the cost of being here which has been an awesome experience for the learning in itself. The rest of the funds will go towards marketing. We are in phase one of our strategy by bringing people on board and the marketing will help us build our database.”

The Heartbeat of Khomba

Mo: “We are are passionate and exist to improve and impact South African communities. We give people hope back home by encouraging them to come up with innovative ideas and to take seemingly simple ideas that have the potential to create immense impact.

“I’d love for Khomba to be known for the positive impact it makes, our first priority is impacting people’s lives.

We want small business to thrive and grow so that they can contribute to their communities. We are connecting consumers with small business to solve that problem.”

Join Khomba on their journey by following them on Instagram @Khomba_Africa.

To learn more about Khomba and their team check out their website

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