Beyond the stickers and Starbucks cups -- Ever wondered what really happens in the Office of Innovation?

We look super productive… hopefully… but our Spring 2018 OOI team also has a lot of fun doing it.  This week we want to introduce you to our diverse and quirky bunch of individuals who provide a whole lot of talent and interesting comments to the office.

Meet the Team:

Jay - Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

You know Jay as the founder of non-profit The Reclamation Society and podcast, The Story Geeks, and total startup boss on and off the PITCHIN’ stage.  We know him as the ultimate Slack distractor. His ability to get us off task and off topic never fails when the subject of Marvel, Disney, tattoos, his wife or his Corgi, Gatsby, comes up.  

His enthusiasm, expertise, beard and tattoos have earned him a lot of respect in the office and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him. Whether it’s a scheduled meeting, work collaboration or informal conversations, you’ll always walk away learning something and working better as a team.

Caleb -  Design Consultant


Where to begin with Caleb? He doesn’t talk much but when you finally get him to, he won’t stop. He is our design guru, mustache wielding, Disney lovin’ dude. In his ‘free time’ he makes emojis out of everyone in the office, talks about Marvel and Star Wars and creates album covers for fake Intern bands. His handiwork built our website that keeps our community up to date on events and helps our brand thrive.

When Caleb isn’t creating or brainstorming, he’s complaining about how little sleep he gets and that he doesn’t get enough Chick-fil-A or coffee to thrive as a designer… in that order.  He also loves to go along with Bethany’s crazy ideas to the detriment of Leanne’s sanity.

On the side, Caleb illustrates strange designs for his own brand, Alternate Realities, on Instagram. He’s building his brand’s Insta so go follow him! @caleblindendesign

Leti - Events Intern

America’s sweetheart and fitness fanatic, Leti.  She loves sharing her passion for Hot Yoga, how much she loves sugar and her month long trip to Europe this summer. She’s one of the biggest reason that PITCH was a huge success this year. Leti is passionate about people, ideas and eating-- which is what she will be pursuing in Europe and after graduation this May.

She entertains us with her stories of her large, loving family and surprises us with her savage jokes on Slack. Leti never fails to meet deadlines or leave us with a smile. Leti’s event planning experience was crucial in the success of this year’s PITCH. We couldn't have done it without her positive attitude, attention to detail and leadership abilities. She makes the rest of our jobs easier and a whole lot more fun.

Leanne - Marketing Intern

Our marketing guru and veteran intern will be with us for only one more semester! She is the embodiment of the word ‘cool girl’.  The only thing that can get this girl off track and away from tasks is to bring up Coachella-- her cool girl paradise. When she isn’t working her butt off in the office she’s running her side hustle @ApuCloset where students can buy and sell clothes with ease.

Unlike Caleb, she vetoes Bethany’s ideas so that the office doesn’t become chaos. Her savagely honest comments and insight are what keeps us focused … most of the time.  Leanne’s drive and love of dachshunds is inspirational to all of us. We’re thankful to have her on the team for one more semester. Leanne’s experience in marketing is why our famous Zuventurez slash is in the minds and hearts of APU students and alumni alike. Her ability to whip out emails to our entire community while simultaneously running our socials will always be impressive.

Mattaniah- Design Intern

This Bay Area native is a #girlboss in the making.  Her eye for creative design and computer science knowledge makes her a shoe-in for making big impact! Her collaboration with Caleb makes for a dream team combo.  Her complimentary laughs at Bethany’s jokes and vision for personal startup endeavors are just part of the reason we appreciate her so much. Her eye for design and computer science knowledge is a 2-in-1 deal and a major asset to our office. She (tries) to keep Caleb on task and keeps our branding in shape!

She will be leaving us to intern for NASA next semester. Yes, you read that right… NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory! AND she’ll be working as a Software engineer for TaskRabbit over the summer. But she won’t be gone long...She plans to return to Zuventurez in the spring to use her skills to PITCH her own idea! To learn more about how Mattaniah is making waves in both the design and tech world...Check out our blog feature on Mattaniah HERE!  

Bethany - Communication Intern

Your trusty blogger for this semester! Bethany will literally feed into any distracting thought/comment in the name of *cough procrastination… er ‘team building’! In order to understand half the things she says you have to be very versed in the language of “The Office” and “Parks and Rec”.

Her unique vision and enthusiasm for creativity is sparked by old YouTube videos, pop culture phenomenons (here’s lookin’ at you yodeling kid). She’s graduating in May and will be pursuing a career in digital media marketing and memes. Bethany believes that creativity calls for collaboration and brainstorming is her calling, whether it’s coming up with quips, captions or cultivating someone’s passion.

Yuli - Assistant Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our favorite Yuli in the whole wide world.  The delegated adult in the office and intern roadie. When she’s not talking goals and tasks she’s sharing her knowledge about coffee culture, her husband, her baby (coming soon to the OOI office near you!).

She’s a total #girlboss and our go-to for any questions that arise. Her patience, experience, and ability to put up with our shenanigans are just a few of the reasons why we love her so much. If you don’t know the answer to a question, “Ask Yuli!” is the right response.

At our event hosting Youtube Star,  Zach King!

At our event hosting Youtube Star, Zach King!

Farewell... For Now

For those of us that are leaving, we are sad to go but so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this talented team and the vision of Zuventurez APU. This experience will always hold a special place in my heart for the memories, accomplishments, and friendships I’ve build with each and every member of the team. I know that all good things must come to an end… but our memories will last forever. We’re all excited to see Zuventurez continue to grow and expand as the fresh ideas keep rolling in. The Office of Innovation is on to bigger and better things, we’re blessed to have been a part of it.

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