My name is Haley Scott. My peer writer Joe Torkelson and I would like to welcome you to the Zuventurez Blog. This blog is dedicated to following the teams of Zuventurez PITCH through their real-life struggles and successes of launching their own startup. The content you’ll be reading will be the unfiltered, unedited stories of those in the APU community who choOse to take on the challenge that is Zuventurez. In a competition where product and pitch matter, participants will go head to head for the chance to win seed money for their startup. Who will win? Who will crack under the pressure? Follow our weekly blog posts as we cover the 2018/2019 Zuventurez season. Here's a little bit about us:

Hey there, my name is Haley Scott. I’m a Communication Studies major coming into my third year at APU. I chose to work for Zuventurez as their resident blogger because I’m passionate about writing, broadcasting, and studying the way written communication influences society. I hope to become a magazine editor one day and eventually work for Cosmopolitan or Vogue Magazine. I love fashion and art, so when I’m not at work or school I’m at the local thrift shop putting together groovy outfits inspired by 70s fashion.


I’m incredibly passionate about fitness and attend “spin” classes where I push my mind and body to limits I never thought I could reach. When I’m not spinning, I’m lifting in the gym and trying to get my squat max up (Do you even lift bro?). Along with my intensive exercise schedule must come a healthy diet. I have been a Vegan for a little over two years and have loved every second of it. No, I don’t miss bacon.


In my free time I enjoy hiking, walking in nature, going to the beach, and photography. I have a strange obsession with space and the Mars Rover and could tell you all about the moon cycles. My favorite band of all time is the Cranberries, and my favorite rapper is Biggie Smalls. I believe the two most important qualities in this life are empathy and humility and that you should seek to understand the perspective of all people. I’m obsessed with tattoos and hope to finish up my American traditional leg sleeve soon so I can start on my arms (sorry, Ma). I can’t stand coffee or negativity and consume copious amounts of hummus. I’m very involved in my Native American tribe The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and have worked with Native tribes around the US in an attempt to better the lives of Native youth struggling with mental illness. I have even been learning the Choctaw language with my family; Halito, chim achukma (hi, how are you). Last but not least, I love Jesus and my best friends, Caleb and Emma.

I can’t wait to write for you this season!


-Haley Alexandra Scott



Hello, my name is Joe Torkelson, and I am learning on the fly.  I am 17 years old as I enter my first year at APU and hope to gain invaluable experience from working for Zuventurez as I pursue a major in Business Management.  I have always enjoyed writing and am elated to be working for the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as I explore the informational and inspirational content I can bring to readers. I like to keep my perspective fresh and always ready to change, so my perfect future career could end up being anything from sports writing to being CEO of a Fortune 500 company (maybe I’m just indecisive? Only time will tell…)


Over the years I have found myself taking an interest in a variety of leisure activities as I solve Rubik’s Cubes, juggle, and do card tricks.  So, if this job does not work out I guess I’ll just join the circus? (*cries internally*) Kidding aside, I also have fun bowling (high score 286, I choked the tenth frame and it kills me everyday), playing basketball, and hiking. I have never found a favorite band or artist but give me a lyric or line from any Disney film and I’ll sing and recite the rest word for word! If you don’t like it you can just “♪ Let it go… Let it goooo! ♪”  My fellow writer, Haley, and I share an aversion to coffee as I am much more comfortable cracking open a cold one (a can of Dr. Pepper that is) with the boys.


I have made it my mission to always grow my faith in Jesus Christ; having the servility to share it, and the confidence to show it. My working at a bowling center and volunteering at church programs and hospitality housing has shown me that nothing yields a better feeling than the struggle of leading a lost soul to their Creator. I cannot wait to co-write this blog over this season, and I hope you find my honesty and naivete refreshing and compelling as we learn about these aspiring entrepreneurs and their endeavors together over the coming months.


Cheers and ‘til next time,


-Joseph Kurt Torkelson


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