PITCH: Pre-Finals HYPE

No Pressure (Unless You Are Pitching!)

Famed 1970’s band Chic may implore you to “Freak out!” but there is no pressure on those that join us on Tuesday, March 26th as we watch our six finalists compete for over $25,000 in prizes. However, for those that are pitching, it is a completely different story with a $15,000 grand prize on the line! Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneurial mogul, have taken a few business courses, or cannot tell a business card from Monopoly money, be sure to join us in the UTCC from 7:00-10:00 p.m. as we watch these aspiring entrepreneurs bring their best Pitch forward in pursuit of seed money for a brighter future for their business.

Chick-fil-A! Unique Products! Free-stuff!

Did I get your attention? Good! The official pitching won’t start until 7:00 p.m. but be sure to be there earlier because at 6:00 p.m. we have our Pop-Up shops ready to showcase their awesome products so CHECK IT OUT! And you know what they say: “the early bird gets the free Chick-fil-A sandwich!” That’s right! The first 200 people that arrive at our event will get free Chick-fil-A! This could not get any better, right?! It can! There is a photo booth! And there is a raffle where you can win an Apple Watch (series 3)! These Zuventurez events are pretty great am I right?!

“Zuventurez? Which is what exactly?”

In a nutshell? It’s pretty awesome! Launched in 2014, Zuventurez assists promising entrepreneurs from the ‘ZU’ (Azusa Pacific University) develop their business ‘venturez’ as they pursue success with their innovative ideas. In the Fall, those who have been involved with the program since day one, such as Monte Thigpen (interview after Semi-Finals can be found HERE), are joined by many other brave individuals who want to take the opportunity to pitch their idea or join a team looking for additional support. They proceed to learn invaluable skills for business in the workshops we host, such as “Discovering Your Why”, establishing a customer base, and constructing a successful “Pitch Deck”. This allows them to build momentum for the Spring when the Pitching begins and eliminations begin to push us towards the Finals! And with the Finals right around the corner, let me briefly introduce you to our six Finalists…

Katoa - Monte Thigpen and Jared Lincoln

Monte Thigpen has been involved with Zuventurez since the beginning and is looking to build on the success he has had in the past with his new business idea ‘Katoa’, pitching their innovative product ‘Elope’. This is a digital wallet application for your phone that is looking to revolutionize the way we save money: from the biggest of trips to the smallest of grocery store errands, Elope Eases Everything...

Scriberr News - Michael Ayetiwa, Jamie Roebuck, and Kalen D’almeida

“A group of young, innovative journalists with a passion for pursuing all sides of truth” (LinkedIn). Scriberr News is further digitizing the news world in a business market that has them primed for success. Scriberr News has continuously raised their scores with each round of eliminations and will look to keep their momentum rolling on Finals night!

Prosper Coffee - Savannah Case

She’s making the ‘Case’ for CBD (hemp without the less than desirable THC elements) infused cold brews and has found success thus far in Portland, OR. She is looking to expand further if she receives compensation by way of prize money through the competition. This #GirlBoss is ready to give it her all on Finals night!

Find out more about PITCH’s 2018 3rd place winner and fellow #GirlBoss, Shayanne Wright, in this Blog Feature.

Caveman Bands - Matthew Tanoue and Jessica Tanoue

They made a Finals appearance last year with their “Love-Strong Rings” wedding bands pitch but were unable to secure a top-three, prize winning finish. But now they are back and better than ever, rebranded as ‘Caveman Bands’, and encouraging you to “find a band as tough as your man”. Don’t let the venture name fool you, Tanoue’s business model is far too innovative to be confused as prehistoric.

Threads of Hope - Airielle Bains

Airielle Bains is ‘hopeful’ to Pitch well enough to acquire seed money for her non-profit that raises money for her clients’ causes. This money is raised by selling handmade crafts from Filipino families and a percentage of the proceeds is then reinvested into those communities while the remaining funds assists her clients’ endeavors.

Knowhere - Cameron Beck and team

With a team of six ambitious individuals supporting this venture, Cameron Beck’s ‘Knowhere’ provides users with suggestions about what their next travel destinations should be. With indecision plaguing us all, Beck’s idea makes picking a destination as crystal clear as the water off the shore of the beaches you’ll be visiting.

My Parting ‘Elevator Pitch’ For You

Zuventurez is awesome and this event is somehow going to be even MORE awesome! The Pop-Up shops, photo booth, and free Chick-fil-A start at 6:00 p.m. and our pitching kicks-off at 7:00pm. We would love to have you join us as we discover who has what it takes to be our 2019 Zuventurez PITCH winners!

See you there,

— Joseph Torkelson