1st Place / Fall 2016

Urban Vinyl focuses on creating premium sound through their Urban Vinyl Classics headphones and Acorn earbuds.

'The work ethic and discipline that Zuventurez taught us has been vital to our companies success. The connections that we made through ZV has been invaluable."

'17 Christian Sanchez, Seth Fontaine


2nd Place / Fall 2016

M57 creates custom rings and watches. However, their passion is to help non-profit companies.

“Zuventurez challenged my business ideas and gave me resources to further my entrepreneurial development in turning a vision from God into a reality.”

'17 Jason Russ

I Am Unique

3rd Place / Fall 2016

“I Am Unique!“ is a story about self-love and sharing your unique gifts with the masses.

“Zuventurez, by far, has been the most intense yet rewarding experience I've had while on my entrepreneurial journey. I was stretched and challenged beyond my wildest expectations. This experience was confirmation that my brand has impact and will inspire many – with God's willing. A special thanks to the Zuventurez team, coaches, and judges for the support and encouragement along the way.”

*APU Alumni Jennifer Vassel




1st Place / Fall 2015

Originally PreceptMe, PlaceMe is a mobile application designed to connect health care students to preceptors. Preceptors are health care providers who volunteer to mentor students in a clinical setting. PlaceMe is an example of entreprenurial at its best–optimizing the digital platform to provide an efficient solution for students.


"Every week, everyone jumped up 10 steps in their presentation, design work, and financials. Even though we had a lot of interest, I never took it for granted that we won."
'17 Maritza Grissom



2nd Place / Fall 2015

Lord's Light produces a specially designed and patented light bulb using a unique filament technology.


"Lord's Light is a unique and innovative technology company with a kingdom focus. By utilizing patented LED technology, we are able to create beautiful designs inside of the bulb. Not only are our products energy efficient, but can be used as a fundraising program to help churches and schools raise the funds they need. The possibilities are endless with Lord's Light!"

'17 Ashley Goeken


3rd Place / Fall 2015

Thread Safe creates antibacterial medical garments and linens that are designed to create a healthier experience among both patients and medical staff.


"Zuventurez helped me create lasting connections with people who had similar motives to create a marketplace change for good."

'17 George Kingsley


1st Place / Fall 2014

Recognizing that impact is possible through the connection of people to people and resources to resources, Perspectives Apparel partners with non-profit organizations around the world to connect consumers with these organization’s inspiring stories through innovative fashion designs. 10% of all their earnings go directly back to each of their partners.

"Zuventurez was the single biggest influence on my business education at Azusa Pacific University."

'16 Devon DeJardin


2nd Place / Fall 2014

Laurel Magazine began as an idea on a flight back from Hunter’s hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Its goal is to celebrate, affirm, and empower young women to reach their potential through Christian values; a message that she found lacking among many of today’s publications and periodicals.


"This experience gave my dream substance, accountability and invaluable progresss."
'15 Hunter Foote


3rd Place / Fall 2014

Influenced by mythology, folk art, religion, and pop culture, Jeremie uses lawn art as stand-ins for exploring his past. These open-ended narratives parallel, mimic and intersect human experience and provide a starting point for exploring the connection between longing and belonging as they engage the masses.


"It forced me for the first time to really think about my art as a business."

'15 Jeremie Riggleman


1st Place / Spring 2014

Whip Rides is a luxury ride service with knowledgeable drivers serving the Southern California area. Our web-based platform (App) makes it easy to book prearranged rides to and from airports and various destinations. Book one week, one day or one hour prior to the trip and have peace of mind knowing that your ride has been booked in advance.


"I came to understand what it meant to create a business as a vehicle for doing good."
'14 Robert Cardiff


2nd Place / Spring 2014

La Semilla was established in 2014 as a pop-up cafe that specializes in high quality coffees, teas, and tamales. Rooted in the Latino community, it aspires to connect with local neighborhoods as a catering resource for traditional and alternative-style events.


"Zuventurez challenged my ideas, stretched my beliefs of what I'm capable of, gave me a network and affirmed my passion for entrepreneurship."
'11 Isaac Reulas


3rd Place / Spring 2014

We are specialists in Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, and Content Marketing who are fiercely committed to delivering a truly exceptional digital marketing service that drastically grows your business. At Directive Consulting, we take the guess work out of digital marketing.


"We have found that our success comes from daily pushing the envelope so that you have the best digital marketing service available."
'14 Garrett Mehrguth